Whether you’re a novice golfer or a seasoned pro, everyone wants to play their best game.

At Pure Golf, your custom club fitting is handled by certified professionals. We offer services for golfers of all skill levels, including junior golfers as young as the age of 12. Equipped with extensive knowledge and genuine excitement, our team is prepared to do whatever it takes to maximize your club fitting experience.

We carry cutting-edge technology like the GCHawk™ launch monitor by Foresight Sports.

This is the #1 launch monitor in the world, and it’s used by many big-name players on PGA and LPGA Tours, including Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, and Rory McIlroy. With our help and this technology, you’ll be playing like never before.

The advantages of club fitting can be endless, whether you’re gaining yards with your driver or precision with your irons.

A proper club fitting can make you hit several more fairways—and even a couple more greens!—every round. Investing in club fitting is a must for any serious golfer.

Fitting Type Details Duration Price
Iron Fitting
  • Fitting is done off of current irons
  • We will hit 6 or 7 irons in one fitting
1.5 hours $100 + HST
Driver Fitting
  • Fitting is done off of the current driver
1.5 hours $100 + HST
Fairway Wood / Hybrid Fitting
  • Fitting is done off of current woods/hybrids
2 hours $100 + HST
Long Game Fitting
  • Includes the driver, irons, and woods/hybrids
3 hours $225 + HST
Wedge Fitting
  • Make sure you are in the correct, lofts and bounces.
1 hour $75 + HST
Putter Fitting
  • Fitting is done off the current putter with our Foresight Sports GC Qaud Technology.
1 hour $75 + HST
Full Bag Fitting
  • Includes fitting for every club in your bag from Driver all the way to Putter.
4 hours $300 + HST
Loft / Lie Fitting
  • Ensures the loft and lie of your golf clubs are correct for your swing
1 hour $50 + HST
Gapping Session
  • If you are interested in seeing how far your current clubs are traveling, you can come hit all of your clubs so we can measure the gapping between each club
  • The recommended gapping is 10-15 yards between each club
1 hour $75 + HST